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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 - My mum Inspired my Career Choice

To mark International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the countless women who have inspired and empowered others through their careers.

For Anne Rhodes, Midwife Sonographer at Liverpool Women’s, International Women’s Day holds special significance, as she reflects on the influence her mum Enid Owens, had on her when choosing her career path.

Anne said: “From a young age I was fascinated by my mum’s job. She qualified as a sick children's nurse and a registered nurse, then became a midwife.  She worked as a midwife at Broadgreen Hospital and then Mill Road Maternity Hospital before moving to Liverpool Women's Hospital and retiring in 2005.

“Whenever we were out in public, women would often come over and say hello remembering my mum as their midwife when they had their children. Some of them were in their late 20s at that point and the parents still recognised and remembered my mum because of the great impact she had on them.”

Witnessing first-hand the lasting impressions her mum left on the families she cared for inspired Anne to follow in her footsteps embarking on her own journey in healthcare, initially qualifying as a midwife in 1997.

In 2006, Anne went on to qualify as a sonographer, focusing on high-risk multiple pregnancies in fetal medicine.  In 2018, Anne took on the role of Head of Training at the charity Tiny Tickers, where she travels across the UK providing essential training to healthcare professionals conducting 20-week anatomy scans. This critical work aims to improve the detection rate of congenital heart disease during pregnancy, ensuring early intervention and support for affected families.

Reflecting on her dual roles in fetal medicine and training, Anne said: “Both my jobs complement each other as I continue to work with the cardiac team at Liverpool Women's to provide a service for our own patients and impart knowledge and training to sonographers throughout the UK.”

Anne’s mum recently joined her at a special long service awards event at Liverpool Women’s to mark Anne’s dedication to the Trust’s services.

This International Women’s Day, Anne pays tribute to her mum and the many female mentors and role models she has encountered in shaping careers and inspiring change.



05 March 2024