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Menopause Women’s Health Hubs Pilot

Improving Menopause Care for Women across Cheshire and Merseyside

To bring menopause care closer to you Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust have collaborated with Central Liverpool Primary Care Network (CLPCN).

Clinical Leads from Liverpool Women’s have been training and sharing their expert knowledge with GP’s and Nurses at CLPCN to allow you to access specialist menopause care quicker and closer to home.

The launch of this new way of receiving specialist menopause care will initially be piloted at the Central Liverpool Primary Care Network Hub (CLPCN), 81 London Road, L3 8JA. This will then expand further across Liverpool and the surrounding area following patient feedback.

What is the purpose of the Menopause Hubs?

A collaboration with the CLPCN will help to reduce barriers for patients and waiting times providing quicker access to the support and advice needed to manage menopause symptoms.

Patients may receive an appointment at the CLPCN Menopause Hub after referral to Liverpool Women’s NHSFT Specialist Menopause service through their GP.


  • We want to reduce your long waiting times for Menopause appointments
  • We want to ensure that if you have a complex case of Menopause, you get care in the right place
  • We want to ensure that primary care have a consistent knowledge of managing Menopause
  • We want to ensure you can access appointments easily by having appointments closer to home

The PILOT Model

The Pilot will run for 3 months.

We will be working collaborately to deliver the following:

  • We will be training GPs and GP Nurses to achieve a British Menopause Society Principles and Practice of Menopause Care (PPMC) Certificate
  • We will be supporting GPs and GP Nurses to run clinics in the community
  • We will provide mentorship provided by Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Consultants to all clinician participants


30 to 60 additional appointment slots expected during the pilot, 18 weeks or less aim for a first appointment by September 2024.

The same Menopause care in your community as you would receive in a hospital.

Clinics closer to home, with less travel required.

What will happen

During your visit to the Menopause Hub your symptoms and concerns will be assessed, and a range of appropriate treatment options will be discussed with you. You will most likely be given a management plan and discharged back to your GP who can continue the agreed treatment.


The Menopause Hub is currently being piloted at:

Central Liverpool Primary Care Network Hub (CLPCN),

81 London Road,

L3 8JA

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