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Patient Initiated Follow Up

Patient Initiated Follow Up Information for Patients and Carers

Liverpool Women’s Hospital is introducing a new system called Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU for short) which allows you to arrange follow-up appointments as and when you need them.  This puts you in control of your hospital follow-up and provides you with direct access to guidance when you most need it.

Most patients have been given follow-up appointments in clinic at regular intervals.   Many patients find these regular visits useful.  Others find that they cause anxiety and are not helpful unless they have a particular concern they wish to discuss with their doctor or nurse.  There is also evidence that, for some patients, regular follow up appointments do not benefit them.

How does a Patient Initiated Follow Up work?

If PIFU is suitable for you, your clinician will add your name to a PIFU follow up waiting list.  Instead of being given follow up appointments at regular intervals, you will be able to contact the Access Centre in the hospital to arrange a follow-up appointment if you feel you need it.  Your clinician will tell you how long you will stay on this PIFU waiting list, depending on your condition. If you do not need to see the doctor or nurse within the agreed time after your last appointment you will be discharged back to your GP who will re-refer you if you need to be seen again in the future.

Why are we introducing this new type of follow-up?

We are introducing PIFU because it offers a number of benefits.  These are as follows:

  • Appointments for patients are made based on individual clinical need instead of being at routine intervals. PIFU puts you in control of your own outpatient follow up.
  • If we free up any appointments this means we can reduce our waiting times for patients who may need an appointment, so they can be seen more quickly.
  • PIFU prevents patients attending for unnecessary appointments.
  • Reducing the number of unnecessary journeys will help reduce our carbon footprint.

 What do I need to do?

Please contact the number below to arrange an outpatient appointment if you experience any problems with your condition and wish to discuss these with a clinician:

0151 702 4328 option 1

Frequently asked questions:

Download the 'Patient Initiated Follow Up Information for Patients and Carers' leaflet in PDF.

Who is this leaflet for?

This leaflet provides information for patients who have attended a clinic at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and who have been offered a Patient Initiated Follow Up appointment.  It explains what patient initiated follow up is and how it works, along with all the information needed to contact the service to arrange follow up appointments.  We hope you find it helps you to feel confident to be in control of your own follow up appointment.

If you would like further information, or have any worries, please do not hesitate to ask your nurse, doctor or healthcare professional.