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About research

Clinical research is the systematic enquiry of what does or doesn’t work in the management and treatment of disease and medical complications. Research is carried out to generate new knowledge that we can use to improve the quality of care offered to patients and other users of our healthcare services.

Our research projects

Many types of research projects are performed within the Trust by our researchers. They cover our specialised areas including maternity, gynaecology, neonatal care, fertility, genetics, miscarriage, urogynaecology and cancer. Our research projects include:

  • Randomised controlled trials to test the effectiveness of healthcare services
  • Studies of the causes of diseases and complications of pregnancy
  • Studies looking at risk factors associated with diseases
  • Studies that summarise previous research
  • Genetic research
  • Qualitative research - this involves listening to what people say about a service or treatment and working out the best way to understand what is important to them
  • Trials of cancer treatments, including surgery and chemotherapy