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Taking part in research

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust is a large teaching hospital and as such has many research projects underway at any one time. Whilst under our care you are likely to be invited to participate in a research project by one of our dedicated research consultants, nurses or midwives.

An invitation to take part

If you, or your baby, are invited to take part, you will be given a patient (or parent) information sheet which will provide information on:

  • The purpose of the study and why it is needed
  • Why you (or your baby) have been invited to take part
  • What you should expect if you decide to participate and what will be expected of you
  • What the potential risks and benefits are
  • How your (or your baby’s) identity will be kept confidential and protected
  • Whether you will be reimbursed for travel expenses
  • Who is organising and funding the research
  • Which committee has ethically reviewed the study
  • How you can withdraw from the research at anytime without your (or your baby’s) care being affected
  • Who to contact if you have a complaint
  • Further information and contact details

Your involvement

Your experience in a clinical study will depend on the type of research methods and the type of condition or intervention you may be given. Some studies will involve taking a single blood sample, whilst others will be more involved and require more visits to the hospital.

You should ask as many additional questions as you want and discuss it with family or friends before deciding whether to participate.

Should you decide to participate in a research study you will be asked to sign a consent form indicating that you are happy for you (or your baby) to become involved.

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) 'Be Part Of Research' Campaign

In recent years the NIHR have launched a website to help those interested in taking part in research have the opportunity to do so. The Be Part of Research study search site provides the public with information about research currently on going across the country. If you wish to find out about current research within your area please visit the Be Part of Research website.