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Clinical support

Within Liverpool Women’s, there are dedicated teams that work across the Trust delivering vital support services to the main clinical areas of maternity, gynaecology, neonatal care and fertility.

Supporting patient care

Our imaging team carry out a wide range of urgent and routine examinations and diagnostic procedures. Each year, we perform over 32,000 examinations using the latest equipment and technology. Our pharmacy team provide and maintain the necessary supply of medication to all clinical areas. We also make sure medication is prescribed in the right dosage and at the right time for every individual patient. Our physiotherapy team treats maternity and gynaecology patients as well as babies born with orthopaedic conditions. We work closely with the Trust’s clinical teams to deliver continuity of care and services that reflect current clinical practice.

Behind the scenes

There are lots of other people who provide important non-clinical support behind the scenes to ensure the Trust runs smoothly. All teams - whether from Finance, Human Resources, Operational Services, Patient Quality or Information Management & Technology have an important role to play in ensuring great patient care. As do our partnering contractors who provide essential catering, domestic, porter, accommodation and security services.