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Referral information

As the largest Trust in the UK specialising in the health of women and babies, we care for around 50,000 patients each year across all clinical areas. Referrals for patient appointments come to us in different ways depending on the nature of the referral or the specific procedure being requested. Most referrals go through our Access Centre and are triaged either by an Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Senior Midwife who ensure that the patient is booked into the most appropriate clinic.

GP referrals

GPs can make the majority of referrals to us through Choose and Book with the patient being able to choose the date and time of their appointment. Exceptions, where a direct referral letter is required, are for appointments to our One-stop Menstrual Clinic when a hysteroscopy is required or for a smear test undertaken by our Colposcopy Clinic or to the Mirena clinic for the treatment of heavy periods. Appointments for the Bedford Clinic, where we care for women seeking a termination of pregnancy, are administered through a central referral system telephone 0151 702 4184.

Urgent Suspected Cancer (2WW) Referral Form for Adults Suspected Gynaecological Cancers

(Including Ovarian, Endometrial, Cervical, Vulval and Vaginal)

Advice and Guidance should be considered if there is uncertainty about the interpretation of symptoms and signs, and whether a referral is needed. This may also enable the primary healthcare professional to communicate their concerns and a sense of urgency to secondary healthcare professionals when symptoms are not classical - complete the following form

Consultant referrals

As a specialist Trust, we receive many referrals by letter from consultants at other hospitals. Consultants normally refer to us by letter which is managed by our Access Centre, telephone 0151 702 4328 for gynaecology or 0151 702 4352 for antenatal and in the case of diabetic referrals.

Referrals to Clinical Genetics

If you are a health professional please refer to

Further information can be found here 

Private patient self-referrals

Patients wishing to have a referral to The Hewitt Fertility Centre can contact the unit's direct or following a discussion with their consultant or GP first.