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While you're with us

  • Your confidentiality

    All information concerning your health is confidential. All members of staff who have contact with you and your medical records are obliged to maintain confidentiality at all times.

  • Food and nutrition

    All our food is prepared by our onsite chef’s using fresh seasonal ingredients. Whilst you are with us you will receive a choice of tempting dishes, each one designed to be healthy and make you feel better.

    Food outlets

    Just Deli (Proud to serve COSTA Coffee) open from 07:00 – 18:30 Monday to Friday and 09:00 – 18:00 at weekends. In main reception next door to WHSmith.

    Coffee bar (Proudly serve Starbucks) open from 10:00 – 15:00 Monday to Friday – closed weekends. In main outpatients – Waiting Area E. Cold drinks and snacks are also available from a vending machine in this area.

    Main restaurant open from 07:30 – 13:30 Monday to Friday. Closed weekends. 24/7 Vending is also available in the main restaurant providing hot drinks and food and cold drinks and snacks.

  • Alcohol & smoking policy

    As you would expect, the consumption of alcohol on hospital premises by patients, staff and visitors is strictly forbidden. And the hospital has a no smoking policy, including electronic cigarettes, which requests patients, visitors and staff NOT to smoke in the hospital itself and the hospital grounds.

    Help is available for smokers wishing to quit. Please ask your nurse or midwife for information about stopping smoking to help you quit before your admission.

  • Telephone access

    Telephones are provided at some bedsides. These can receive incoming calls and you can buy cards which will allow you to make outgoing calls. These phones can be used between 8am and 8pm. Where phones are not available by bedsides, there are also public phones available for you to use. If you bring a mobile phone with you, it is very important that it is used in designated places only. This is to maintain privacy, avoid nuisance noise and in some areas they can interfere with medical equipment. The ward staff will be able to advise you about this. It would be helpful if your family and friends could arrange for one named person to phone the ward to find out how you are and then pass on the information to other relatives or friends.

  • Medical certificates

    Medical certificates to cover your stay in hospital can be supplied by ward staff. Please ask a member of staff if you require a medical certificate.

  • Spiritual needs

    We will make every effort to ensure that a member of clergy from all denominations is available to visit you at your request. A hospital chaplain is available if required, otherwise your own clergyman may also visit you at any time and a representative of any faith can always be sought. On occasions, services are held in the multi-faith prayer room, which is on the ground floor near the main reception area. Otherwise this room can be used at any time for quiet reflection.

  • Security

    The hospital has a comprehensive security system in place which is designed to protect patients, staff, car parks and property. There are close circuit cameras throughout the building and car parks. All staff wear identification badges which are unique to this hospital.

  • Helping us with research

    One of the ways in which we can improve the health of all our patients, both adults and babies, and develop new and improved treatments and medications, is through research, which goes on in the hospital every day. During your stay with us you may be asked if you would like to take part in a research programme. You will be given a full explanation of what is involved but the final decision is yours and yours alone, although you may want to discuss the request with your family and your doctor. Your treatment and standard of care will not be affected if you decide not to take part.

  • Helping us to help students

    As a teaching hospital, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our medical staff so it is vital that all those not yet fully qualified have the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience. While you are with us you may be asked if you are willing to be seen by a student doctor, midwife or nurse. All students work under the direction of an experienced nurse, midwife or doctor but it’s your choice whether you wish to be seen by them or not. Whatever your decision, your treatment and the standard of care you receive will not be affected.