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Antenatal classes and virtual tour

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes help to prepare you for your baby’s birth and give you guidance on how to look after and feed your baby. They are also a good way of getting information and airing your concerns - not just with professionals but with other mothers-to-be. And friendships formed at these meetings can be a great source of mutual support during the first few months with a newborn baby. 

Bump Birth and Beyond Sessions

Bump Birth and Beyond sessions are now available to book through Eventbright.

How to Book

To book your sessions you will first need a QR code, this will be provided to you by your Midwife at your 25 or 28 week appointment. The QR code will allow you to book an available session, you will also need either your Liverpool Women's number or your NHS number.

If you are 25+ weeks and you haven't received a QR code please email in to with your hospital number. 

'Newborn knowhow' and Infant Feeding

Newborn knowhow and infant feeding classes are provided by Children Centres . Please contact your local centre for more information and availability. 

Contact if you are over 25 weeks and need more information regarding the sessions. 

Breastfeeding Workshop 

Our breastfeeding workshop is now available in video form. You can view the video here:

Virtual Tour

To take a virtual reality tour, watch the short video below (to enlarge the screen click the [ ] icon in the bottom right hand corner). To watch in full VR resolution to get the full experience take a look at the how to guide here.

Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3